onsdag, augusti 02, 2006

Akbar, en sann frihetskämpe

Som jag berättade för 2 dagar sedan, så mördades Akbar Mohammadi av islamiska republikens lakejer i fängelset. Detta var en tragedi för Iran och inte minst Iranska monarkister, med tanke på att Akbar Mohammadi var en av våra viktigaste symboler för den iranska monarkin.

Akbar Mohammadi mördades, men hans kärlek till Iran, Irans folk och den iranska monarkin kommer för alltid leva.

Här under kan ni läsa Reza SHah II:s meddelande ang. Akbars mord.

My Dear Compatriots,

Seven long and terrible years of torture, abuse and
maltreatment, tragically ended yesterday for our courageous compatriot, Akbar
Mohammadi, with his murder at the hands of his jailers, who carried out the
execution order issued by the security apparatus of the criminal clerical

Akbar Mohammadi was a prominent student dissident and among the
most courageous and important symbols of constitutional monarchists, who, in
spite of the deafening silence of many among our opposition and diaspora,
bravely endured untold sacrifices, spearheading our struggle against the evil
autocracy called the Islamic Republic.

Akbar’s name will forever be inscribed in the annals of our
history, highlighting our people’s struggle in general, and that of the
students’ movement in particular. His courage, dedication and ultimate
sacrifice will serve as a beacon lighting our way in our fight for

I share the grief of this tragic loss with his family and offer
my heartfelt condolences to my compatriots, in particular to all his peers and
friends in Iran and around the world.

May his soul rest in peace, while we continue where he left

May God bless Iran.


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